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Should you ditch your website?

Should you ditch your website, and hit up social media instead?

In this day and age of Facebook, Twitter, phone apps, Smart TV’s, VR, Augmented reality, and not to mention crazy new technology that we haven’t even heard of, marketing can be quite overwhelming.

Should you ditch your website in favour of social media?


So today we’re asking:

Should you ditch your website, in favour of social media?

The immediate answer: absolutely not!

“But wait, Bonita.. Why are you introducing this idea of ditching our website, and then telling us we shouldn’t?”

It’s simple.

Your website is your company’s home on the internet. Yes, there are many channels that you can use to advertise and promote your business: Facebook, Google Adwords, Instagram, LinkedIn, online directories, the list goes on and on and on.

But would you trust a brand if they didn’t have a website? Does a Facebook page really give a professional impression of a company’s brand and what they do, or who they are?

Picture this:

  1. Your car needs to go in for repairs, and you search for a reliable repair shop on Google. Are you going to trust a panel beater that only has a Facebook page, or would you rather go to someone whose website made an impression?
  2. You’re in dire need of a new hair-do, and you’ve found a salon through Facebook. Their Facebook page has some great photos, but you find yourself clicking through to their website, seeing their services in action and after reading a personal, quirky quote made by one of their stylists, you decide to contact them.

Yes, Facebook is great for sending out regular content, and reaching customers on the ground. But where is the shiny storefront, or the high rise office that shows off your brand’s products or services?


In 2017, your website IS your office or store.

Many smaller businesses are moving away from physical stores and office spaces and switching to virtual offices, hot desks or working from home. With a website, clients and customers can experience your brand from the comfort of their armchair or sofa. Do you really want their impression of your brand to be a Facebook page?

People buy experiences, magic..


Your website is the ultimate place to create a unique customer experience.

Think beyond the product or service you offer: What is the experience you want your visitor to have? What will they remember?


So, let’s talk about landing pages

If you’re not ready to start with a full website, then why not start with a simple landing page first? A single page that focuses on 1 message can be used very effectively to showcase a promotion, product, or service, and invite potential customers to contact you.

Check out our landing page checklist here »

Your website is your chance to set your brand apart from your competition. With a world full of social posts, media ads, distracting links and constant noise, what are you doing to stand out from the “loud”?

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Bonita Vos

Creative Strategist / Business Owner

Bonita has many years of experience working in the digital space. (She won’t tell us how many, as she feels it may ruin her youthful appearance. We think it’s at least 12.)

After working on large accounts at an established agency for several years (again, let’s ballpark it at 7), Bonita made the switch to freelancing under the Battica Design brand, and eventually went on to start up Black Crab Creative.