Showcase: Of-Course Online UK Courses Landing Page Design and Development

Landing Page Design & Development

Of-Course Online recently needed a landing page design to promote their upcoming UK-based courses. OCO sells online courses for the movement industry (Pilates, Yoga, Physiotherapists, Biokineticists and Personal Trainers) and will be presenting a live course in London.

Landing Page Design
Landing Page Design Layout

We created a separate landing page on their website for the 2 UK courses, allowing them to promote and sell tickets for their courses through the website.

Landing Page Calls to Action

We implemented an Events Tickets system, so that users could purchase tickets and register for the event online. Since the Of-Course Online store is based in South Africa, we had to incorporate additional development which allowed the pricing to be displayed in GBP (British Pounds). During checkout, the price is converted to South African Rands (ZAR).

Purchase Tickets for Events

Project Details

Of-Course Online, Pretoria

Work Completed

  • Landing Page Design and Development
  • Events Tickets System Implementation

Website Link
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Landing Page Design Checklist

The UK Course landing page design checks all the boxes for an effective landing page, as follows:

Passes the blink test

At a quick glance, or inbetween blinks, it’s clear to see what the page is about.

Value Proposition and/or Actionable Headline

The title “London, we’re coming to you” along with the dates of the courses immediately identifies what the page is about.

Scannable Copy

The copy has been broken up into readable sections, and is compelling and easy to read. Bullet points have been utilised to make for simpler, faster reading or scanning.

Call to Action(s)

Use of call to actions is vital on landing pages, and should all be aimed at driving visitors to the goal. Our call to actions include links to book for the 2 courses.

Responsive Layout

The landing has been tested across desktops, tablets and mobile devices, and is fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

Top Navigation Menu

In some cases, the top menu navigation is removed to prevent distractions on landing pages. With the OCO website, we wanted visitors to be able to still reach other areas, specifically the online courses and Contact page.

Relevant images

The images used on the OCO UK Course landing page provide more information about the courses on offer. On mobile view, some images have been excluded to simplify and optimise the experience on mobile.

Use of Video

A video has been included to show Shoulder Stability techniques – relating directly to what can be expected in the courses. Video needs to be considered carefully depending on the target market. For optimisation on this landing page, the video is vital in assisting with conversions.

What about a contact form for direct enquiries?

Traditionally, a landing page often includes a contact form, allowing visitors to submit enquiries directly from the page.

We wanted the focus to be on the bookings directly. For effective landing page optimisation, there should ideally only be a single goal – in this case, getting course bookings.

We considered including a contact form for visitors to submit queries, however this would detract away from the goal.


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