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4 Reasons why your Website should be Mobile-Friendly

If you’re still asking “Do I really need a mobile friendly website?”, then the answer is “Yes. Definitely!”

Mobile is here to stay, to grow, and quite possibly, to take over. In certain instances, it already has.

You may be saying “but my product or service is different, I don’t know whether my users are really using mobile to find me!“. (We’ve really heard this!) The immediate answer is, they definitely are trying to find you via mobile, but they’re probably not succeeding.

Or, even worse: “My website is only an information source. I don’t use it to sell my products or services.” (We’ve actually heard this one too.) If this is YOUR business, you’re losing out!


Here are 4 Reasons why you should have a mobile-friendly, responsive website for your business:


1. Your Users are Expecting It

Mobile usage is increasing and people everywhere are using mobile to access the internet. Why? It’s fast and easy.

Digital and Mobile Usage Stats South Africa, 2017

Don’t discount desktop altogether – often people will use mobile devices to search for info, and will then use desktop devices to explore this info further. The initial search is often first made on a mobile device.

2. Google Expects It

In Google search results, Google will prioritise mobile-friendly websites.

Google is focused on a satisfying user experience. If your website is difficult to navigate on mobile, Google will be less likely to include your site in high-ranking search results.

3. Your Competitors may NOT be doing it.. yet

According to recent statistics, only about 56% of small to medium businesses currently have responsive or mobile-optimised websites. This means that your business can easily differentiate itself from competitors by providing a mobile website experience.

Do you fall within the statistics, or is your business an industry leader?

4. Effective Brand Engagement and Conversions

Offer a satisfying mobile experience, and people are more likely to recommend your brand.

Mobile users engage more, and are more likely to share, buy or interact with online content.


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